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FCU Coupling Spares


FCU coupling spares comprise of:

  • coupling driving plate,
  • driving bosses,
  • centre spigot,
  • multi disk unit,
  • nuts, bolts, and collars

These parts are integral to ensure your coupling arrangements remain fully functional.

Driving plates also referred to as spider plates or resilient driving plates are used for the driving of FCU and SCR fluid drive couplings. The driving plates allow for flexibility in the event of a misalignment of a coupling. They are designed and built to transfer the required torque to drive the machine according to specifications.

The centre spigot is a locator for the driving bosses that are used on FCU and SCR couplings (SIME, Fluid Drive or Premium). They are used for alignment purposes to ensure the moving parts remain centred when the machinery is operating. Dot Engineering & Field Services keeps FCU and SCR centre spigots from size 9 up to size 36 in stock, and larger sizes can be made to order.

On FCU and SCR couplings, driving bosses are the main items on a drive shaft. The centre spigot fits into the driving boss for alignment purposes, and the driving plate also bolts to it for driving purposes. Driving bosses, centre spigots, and driving plates are used to drive couplings. They are critical in the reliability and operation of FCU and SCR couplings.

Multi-disk units are flexible plates that use a collar system and are mainly used on FCU and SCR couplings to drive the output. They work in conjunction with the runner half coupling, the output half coupling, as well as the nuts, bolts, and collars. Dot Engineering & Field Services supply multi-disk units in a variety of sizes to suit all different applications.

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If you need any of the parts necessary for FCU Coupling repairs including coupling driving plates, driving bosses, centre spigots, multi-disk units, nuts, bolts, and collars, get in touch with our team of experienced technicians. We can assist businesses of all sizes throughout Southern Africa.

Additional Information

Size 9 - 36

Price on request, FCU or SCR, Imperial or Metric

Size 36+

Made to order, FCU or SCR, Imperial or Metric