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Fusible Trips


Fusible Trips, also known as blow off plugs, are mainly used in fluid drive couplings. When these fluid drive couplings reach a temp of 140 degrees the fusible trip pops and releases a spring loaded pin, this pin will activate a trip switch which in turn will shut down the drive to prevent any further damage.

These fusible trips are manufactured in a similar way to our fusible plugs. All of our fusible trips are made in house, using only the highest grade lead. We stock limited fusible trips but we can manufacture to your width and temperature specifications.

All fusible trips, in every manufacture batch are pressure tested to ensure the proper blow off temperature is reach.

5 out of every 50 fusible plugs that are manufactured are heated to the blow off temperature at 2bar pressure in order to check correct blow off temperature.

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R 1365.00 ea (ex vat), 140°C