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Laser Alignments and Field Services
Laser Alignments and Field Services

Dot Engineering & Field Services specialises in the manufacture and supply of fusible plugs. This service covers fusible plugs manufacture in Johannesburg. Fusible plugs offer unique protection as a safety valve in extreme temperature applications rather than dangerous applications. It can protect the application from damage that results in the overheating of the fluid coupling.

*Additional fusible plug info* Fusible plugs are used in fluid couplings as a safety measure, if the coupling overheats to a certain temperature (all applications are different) the alloy in the plug will melt causing the fluid in the coupling to leak out. This action is to prevent any damage to the drive. Failure to use a fusible plug can result in catastrophic damage to the drive and fluid coupling

Dot Engineering & Field Services manufactures its fusible plugs in-house, using the highest grade leads to ensure stable and reliable consistency despite drastic temperature changes.

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