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Curved Tooth Coupling

Dot Engineering & Field Services provides a comprehensive selection of specialised products, equipment, and parts for various industries. Our diverse clientele includes both large mining companies and small local businesses. We also provide services to neighbouring countries.

These comprehensive and competitive offers provide your facility with a turnkey solution that ensures safety and efficiency at a lower cost, along with related services to ensure you get the best value from our solutions.

We are a leading supplier of flexible and rubber coupling spares in Johannesburg.

Our offers on flexible and rubber coupling spares in Johannesburg

Dot Engineering & Field Services supplies a wide range of flexible and rubber coupling spares In Johannesburg. Our offers include a wide range of jaw type interlocking coupling with a rubber element and rubber type sheer couplings, also known as rubber spider couplings.

We offer flexible and rubber coupling spares in Johannesburg for various applications and torque requirements. They are light, compact, and easy to install. In addition, they have good dynamic properties. As a result, fitting flexible and rubber coupling spares reduces intermittent short period torsional shock, vibration, and noise.

These flexible and rubber coupling spares are used in hydraulic equipment and general mechanical transmission.

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