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N-Eupex Couplings

N-Eupex Coupling

N-Eupex Coupling

N-EUPEX and N-EUPEX DS pin couplings connect machines. They compensate for shaft misalignment, generating only low restorative forces. The torque is conducted through elastomer flexibles, so the coupling has typically flexible rubber properties.

N-EUPEX couplings are overload-holding. By contrast, the N-EUPEX DS series is designed so that overload or advanced wear causes irreparable damage to the elastomer flexibles. The metal parts of N-EUPEX DS couplings can then rotate freely against one another without contact.

The flexibles of the N-EUPEX coupling are subjected to compression. If the flexibles are irreparably damaged, the hub parts come into contact with metal. This “emergency operation capability” is required, e.g., in the case of fire pump drives.

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