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Fluid Drive Couplings

Fluid drive couplings, also known as hydraulic couplings or fluid couplings, are ingenious mechanical devices employed in various industrial applications to transmit torque and rotational motion between two shafts. These couplings utilize a hydraulic fluid medium to transfer power, allowing for smooth start-ups and controlled acceleration, effectively dampening shock loads and reducing wear on connected machinery. Fluid drive couplings excel in situations where shock absorption, torque limiting, and speed control are crucial, making them ideal for heavy machinery such as mining equipment, conveyor systems, and marine propulsion systems. Their ability to provide a gradual engagement and accommodate misalignment further enhances their utility, ensuring reliable and efficient power transmission while safeguarding equipment from potential damage or overload.

Variable Speel Fluid Coupling

  1. Filling of fluid is controlled by valves
  2. The rated slip is 1,5 – 3%.

Fluid Couplings Repairs and Balancing

All repaired fluid couplings, new fans and shafts up to 600kg are DYNAMIC. Balanced to the required ISO standards…

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